Fic: "White Rabbit" (His Dark Materials/Supernatural crossover)

Title: White Rabbit
Author: ellequoi
Fandoms: His Dark Materials/Supernatural
Rating: T
Warnings: n/a
Disclaimer: I own neither of the works utilised in this and am not profiting off them.

Sam Winchester thinks Dr. Will Parry knows a lot more than he's letting on, Dean thinks he acts like Dr. Evil pretending Mr. Bigglesworth still had fur, and Will has no time for their shenanigans - he has a very important date. Gen, drama. ~ 6,700 words.

He didn't know if it was better or worse that they weren't amateurs.  )
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fic: Days Are Passing By (His Dark Materials, Lyra Silvertongue, PG)

Title: Days Are Passing By
Fandom: His Dark Materials
Rating: PG
Summary: Lyra and Pantalaimon are left to go forward simply because they are not allowed to go back
Spoilers: for all three books in the HDM trilogy and Lyra’s Oxford
Author's Notes: Title is from the lyrics of Diane Birch’s song "Rewind". Apologies, this is un-beta'd and all mistakes are my own. More notes at the end of the fic.
Word Count: 6,000+

you read it HERE at femgenficathon
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author looking for a beta

Anyone willing to beta a 6,000 word Lyra gen fic?

I am really hoping for anyone to give my fic a once-over before I submit it to the femgenficathon. It's a PG fic (and takes place a couple years after "The Amber Spyglass", following an adult Lyra with a few OCs making small appearances (with a few references made to Will). I'm looking for someone to be ruthless with my grammar and rampant tense switches.

Unfortunately, time is an issue as the due date for posting this fic is July 31st. If you do not think you can assist me before then, I understand.

However, if you are interested/available, leave me a comment and I will email you the fic as an attachment. Thanks for your time!
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crossover fic recs

I am always on the lookout for good His Dark Materials fic and thought I'd share what I've found for others who enjoy reading about Will and Lyra. All of these are crossover fics but hopefully they can be read without much knowledge of the other fandom.

The Other Earth by avendya
Doctor Who/His Dark Materials crossover, Ten & Lyra
Somehow she didn't think he was fooled, and that didn't happen often. Subterfuge was one of Lyra's dearest gifts, but it was wasted on this one.

A Moon-Lit Challenge by Ilthit
Good Omens/His Dark Materials crossover, Adam & Lyra
Adam's mind was swirling, already trying to find a solution to the suggestion, though he should still be protesting. 'There are rules about that sort of thing,' but almost before the sentence was out, he was laughing, and after a moment, so was Lyra. Neither of them were ever very big on rules.

A Moon-Lit Challenge(The Ill-Met, Proud Titania Remix) by gratefulundead
Good Omens/His Dark Materials crossover, Adam & Lyra
He could feel the heat of her tears from where he stood. The temptation to touch them was overwhelming, but he resisted, for he could feel that Lyra’s pride hung by the thinnest of threads and snapping it just wasn’t something decent people did, not in front of an angel and a demon and an orangutan.
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time will tell of yuletide treasure

YULETIDE FICS ARE UP! You can read His Dark Materials fics HERE.

Fics relating specifically to Will/Lyra are(although I recommend reading them all):

1) like gold to ayery thinnesse beate (Will/Lyra) by lalaietha
A door missed - or left apurpose - can be found even when you aren't looking for it.

2) that kind of grateful (Will/Lyra) by lalaietha
Follows 'like gold to aeyry thinnesse beate'; the morning after.

3)you are safe here you know (Will/Lyra) by lalaietha
Will visits his mother on Christmas Eve.

4) through a glass, darkly (Will/Lyra) by Callie
Will Parry finds an object that grants him a long-held wish.
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"Oh Pan, I wish it were someone else instead of me, I do honestly."

It is that time of year again, YULETIDE SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN. Yuletide is a great opportunity for small fandoms to get their share of the limelight and His Dark Materials is a nominated fandom yet again. So sign up to write some Will/Lyra, request Will/Lyra or just get ready to read and review all the wonderful fics that will be written this year!!

See some of the fics from Yuletide 2008 HERE and from 2007 HERE.

In other news, I'm *sloooooowly* making a Will/Lyra fanmix that should be posted...sometime this year?
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I consider myself an enlightened 21st century woman, so when I saw in my Google Alerts that a blog called "The Feminist Review" had written about His Dark Materials, I was thrilled! I couldn't wait to read what the author had to say about one of my favourite series. However, the blogger had a negative view on the series that I don't agree with.

Now, I am very biased concerning this series, so perhaps I have been blinded by love and have missed the points the blogger has raised? Thus, I would like other people's opinions on Gender in the HDM trilogy.

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So, what are your thoughts?