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time will tell of yuletide treasure

YULETIDE FICS ARE UP! You can read His Dark Materials fics HERE.

Fics relating specifically to Will/Lyra are(although I recommend reading them all):

1) like gold to ayery thinnesse beate (Will/Lyra) by lalaietha
A door missed - or left apurpose - can be found even when you aren't looking for it.

2) that kind of grateful (Will/Lyra) by lalaietha
Follows 'like gold to aeyry thinnesse beate'; the morning after.

3)you are safe here you know (Will/Lyra) by lalaietha
Will visits his mother on Christmas Eve.

4) through a glass, darkly (Will/Lyra) by Callie
Will Parry finds an object that grants him a long-held wish.
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