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crossover fic recs

I am always on the lookout for good His Dark Materials fic and thought I'd share what I've found for others who enjoy reading about Will and Lyra. All of these are crossover fics but hopefully they can be read without much knowledge of the other fandom.

The Other Earth by avendya
Doctor Who/His Dark Materials crossover, Ten & Lyra
Somehow she didn't think he was fooled, and that didn't happen often. Subterfuge was one of Lyra's dearest gifts, but it was wasted on this one.

A Moon-Lit Challenge by Ilthit
Good Omens/His Dark Materials crossover, Adam & Lyra
Adam's mind was swirling, already trying to find a solution to the suggestion, though he should still be protesting. 'There are rules about that sort of thing,' but almost before the sentence was out, he was laughing, and after a moment, so was Lyra. Neither of them were ever very big on rules.

A Moon-Lit Challenge(The Ill-Met, Proud Titania Remix) by gratefulundead
Good Omens/His Dark Materials crossover, Adam & Lyra
He could feel the heat of her tears from where he stood. The temptation to touch them was overwhelming, but he resisted, for he could feel that Lyra’s pride hung by the thinnest of threads and snapping it just wasn’t something decent people did, not in front of an angel and a demon and an orangutan.
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