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banned books week: celebrating the freedom to read!

The 'His Dark Materials' trilogy by Philip Pullman is one of the 10 most challenged titles (reasons: political viewpoint, religious viewpoint, and violence) and even the film adaptation The Golden COmpass fell under heavy scrutiny and criticisms by the Catholic Church. With schools boycotting the book, enraged parents forbidding their children to read them and Bishop Greg­ory Aymond "requesting" that the series be pulled from school shelves, so it's no surprise that Pullman's series (and his portrayal of organized religion) is a hot topic in the world of banned books. But what are fans going to do about it?

This week is Banned Books Week and the organizers encourage people to read from their list of Banned Books and to get your friends to read one too! What better way to entice reluctant readers than to tell them that the book is ~forbidden~. If Ross from Friends has taught us anything, it's that saying 'taboo' gets all the ladies hot and bothered. So this is the perfect time to try to recruit more followers to the Will and Lyra ship!

(Pullman won the Whitbread Award, the British equivalent of the National Book Award, for The Amber Spyglass, the final volume in the trilogy. It was the first time a children's book had ever won such a prestigious award in the UK.)
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quotes: "I think she's the best friend I ever had."

I can visualize this passage SO PERFECTLY and I wanted to find a picture of an out-of-focus little girl lying down on the ground with the light and focus on the conversation taking place behind her between a cat and a little boy. Alas, no such picture exists and I don't want to subject anyone to my horrible art skills. But this moment is the first thing I would request from an artist taking submissions.

As darkness fell, he heard Lyra come to lie down close by, and presently he heard a soft purring. Her daemon, cat-formed, was dozing with folded paws only a foot or two away from him, and Will whispered, "Pantalaimon?"

The daemon's eyes opened. Lyra didn't stir. Pantalaimon whispered,

"Pan, am I going to die?"

"The witches won't let you die. Nor will Lyra."

"But the spell didn't work. I keep losing blood. I can't have much left to lose. And it's bleeding again, and it won't stop. I'm frightened..."

"Lyra doesn't think you are."

"Doesn't she?"

"She thinks you're the bravest fighter she ever saw, as brave as Iorek Byrnison."

"I suppose I better try not to seem frightened, then," Will said. He was quiet for a minute or so, and then he said, "I think Lyra's braver than me. I think she's the best friend I ever had."

"She thinks that about you as well," whispered the daemon.

Presently Will closed his eyes.

Lyra lay unmoving, but her eyes were wide open in the dark, and her heart was beating hard.

-p 237 The Subtle Knife

I love Will's relationship with Pan and how we see Pan as more than just Lyra's conscience/warning voice. He has free will and acts as he sees fits.

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magic knight rayearth

Fanart Help

Um, hi, I'm Danielle, and I need a bit of help. If I am not allowed to post this, feel free to delete. I really, really want to do a Lyra/Will fanart piece, and I was wondering if anyone knows, if it is mentioned in the books, what colour eyes the two have? I was going to give Lyra brown eyes but I don't know about Will, and I didn't want to make a huge mistake and colour it completely wrong. Also, I'm going to do Will's hair black like his eyebrows - am I making any mistakes?

Thank you,
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title: [i am your] pamphleteer.
characters/pairing: will [will/ofc, mentions of will/lyra].
summary: will, after, through the eyes of a lover.
i love you, i told him; i wrote it on his ribs with the tip of my ring finger, the lightest i could manage.
you've got a pinemarten, he said, sitting up, did you know that?
pg; ~2100 words.
notes: title from the weakerthans' pamphleteer.

[i am your] pamphleteer.

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fic recs: yuletide 2008

For more fic in Philip Pullman's His Dark Matierials, go here. These are just the stories centred around Will & Lyra.

The Teethmarks of Timeby Thevina for ME (A MUST READ! The relationship with Kirjava is fantastic and the end made me cry. I have too many favourite parts to quote because it's all so wonderfully written. I love how level-headed Kirjava is and how she firmly tells Will not to dwell on the 'ifs' of his life. I also like fics that allow Will to find someone else and form attachments because I can't see him being alone all his life to die a bachelor, and this fic does that while still displaying his loyalty and love for Lyra.)
Synopsis: Will lives, as he must, and is forever changed.
Will smiled at the last part, thinking of the infant sleeping in his crib, still too new in the world to really resemble either of his parents. A twinge of melancholy seized him as he let himself wonder what a child would have looked like had he been allowed to stay with his first love.

Shades of Grey Meaning That Turn Out So Sweetly by flip (A cute read with Pan and Lyra bickering playfully. Lyra's frustration is very genuine over losing her innate ability to read the alethiometer. I liked how she wanted to return to childhood and her longing for Iorek, who could make things seem alright, just like Will.)
Synopsis: After the events of The Amber Spyglass, Lyra tries to figure out one question to ask the alethiometer about Will.
The sun was shining through the clouds again when they got to the Botanic Garden. Lyra realized she hadn't been down there in a while, and she wondered if it had to do with this idea, this question she'd been trying to ask, this answer she'd been trying to avoid.

One of You and One of Me by HopefulNebula (A shorter fic that is closer to 'happily ever after' than the usual bittersweet tone that fics normally take. Will arrives in the land of the dead and guides other souls while he waits for Lyra.)
Synopsis: "And when we do find each other again, we'll cling together so tight that nothing and no one'll ever tear us apart."
"You have proven yourself already; we don't need stories from you. You can follow the others to the window," she said, and Will wondered at the change in her voice. Where her voice had been harsh, it was now soft and full of energy. Guiding the dead had been good for her, it seemed.

Remembering the Future by Sizheng (I always love stories that explore Will and Mary's friendship and the original character is a great gateway while also being an adorable kid in his own right. Lovely insight into Will and how children view the world.)
Synopsis: Mary Malone's grandson wonders uneasily why she insists on taking him to see the fierce-eyed doctor with the missing fingers. Snapshots and glimpses.
And Scott knows, without asking, that the Doctor had loved the girl who could lie to angels. He also knows that the gleam in the Doctor's eyes was something that isn't a tear, but something infinitely stronger and sadder and somehow joyous.

Xaphania's After by thecolourclear (A lot of philosophy in this fic about changing souls and faith and the idea of the Republic of Heaven but I like it because of this one quote where Will is sick of being treated like a kid because after losing the love of Lyra, he's expierienced more loss than half the adults in the world have and they probably look down on him. So he talks to the one person who can understand and wont treat him like a child. It was very real and I liked it.)
Synopsis: Xaphania stays with Will to create the Republic of Heaven, and finds things do not go the way she would wish.
He was measuring her, trying to figure just how much he could push her, "Look. I lost the love of my life. I know, I'm only a kid, and that's how the people here treat me, not that I blame them, to them, I am just a kid, but you tell me. You know me. You've fought with me. What. About. Lyra?"

Question: Fic writers tend to give Lyra a scholastic career and turn Will into a doctor/physicist, do you think that these are the most likely careers for each of them or do you see Will & Lyra doing something else with their lives?
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Hi everyone! I would like to announce the creation of a new HDM fan community, cloudedmountain! In this community, we plan to host weekly discussions of themes and concepts bought up throughout the series, and we'd love to get as many members of this fandom involved as we can. In addition to the discussions, we plan to host monthly drabble contests. In between discussions and ficathons, you are welcome to post anything from fic, to icons, to movie news, to personal musings.

Hope to see you there!
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ship manifesto: sign up post

Shipper's Manifesto: a public declaration of fannish love for a particular pairing or ship.

Hello all!

This comm is in dire need of a wake-up! So, I thought that perhaps this community could work together to fulfill a ship_manifestio essay for Will/Lyra.

Our goal would be to provide readers with details about Will/Lyra, insight into each of them separately and what makes them work together. It would provide new fans to His Dark Materials with a starting point for the couple. In our essay we would have to provide: "detailed analysis of the characters involved, the pairing itself and the current state of fandom surrounding them". In addition, we can recommend our favourite fanfics, videos, graphics and links (note: I’m going to make a RECS post so that even if you do not want to be involved, you can still enjoy other people’s recs and it can be used as an easy reference for everyone).

I haven’t signed us up yet because I wanted some input first about the timing. midsummeroath encourages everyone to comment with ideas and recs when putting together our essay (perhaps we could divide the essay and take turns writing it). Generally, the deadline would be in a month or so of the assignment and since I would love lots of people to participate, please leave a comment if you’re free to help now. If you can’t assist now due to conflicting obligations, but think you can contribute later, let me know when would be more convenient for you. If that is the majority case, we might have to put the essay on hold for awhile because I want the most people involved possible.

This can be used as the official sign-up post after more details are ironed out.

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Feedback is appreciated! Thanks!