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a will/lyra shipping comm

a will parry and lyra belacqua comm
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"we could pretend we were close again"

welcome to the first will/lyra shipping community!

"What I thought was that if you - maybe just once a year - if we could come here at the same time, just for an hour or something, the we could pretend we were close again - because we would be close, if you sat here and I sat just here in my world--"
"Yes," he said, "as long as I live, I'll come back. Wherever I am in the world, I'll come back here--"
"On Midsummer Day," she said. "At midday. As long as I live. As long as I live..."
- page 455, The Amber SpyGlass

01. No flaming of other users and no personal attacks. Violators will be removed from the community. This a place to have fun and share some love for these characters and their relationship. Disagreements with an opinion are allowed, but do so in a respectable manner.
02. LJ-CUTS are required for: lengthy posts, fanfiction, adults-only material, fanmixes, fanvideos, screencaps and large picture posts, and icon posts.
03. When posting fics please include: Title, Author, Rating and a Summary or any Author's Notes you have. You must post the story behind a cut. Icon posts can include up to 3 preview icons.
04. Please post material only related to the characters of Will Parry and/or Lyra Belaqua included somewhere in your material.
05. Please do not promote another site or community without contacting the mod first. If you want to promote a site, please leave me a comment here..
06. If you are going to share files (i.e. video, audio in a famix or fanvid, ect.) in your post, please FRIENDS-LOCK the post for security and safety purposes.
07. Please try to organize your post and include a SUBJECT in your entry as well. I will maintain tags and memories so things are easy to find.
08. Please, no introductory posts (unless you also have something to offer like fic or icons ect.)
09. Please present yourself appropriately, this means no netspeak and familiarize yourself with how to make an lj-cut
10. Last but not least, have fun!

If you have any questions regarding the rules, posting guidelines or would like to become an affiliate, please leave a comment here.

+ http://www.jordancollege.net
+ cloudedmountain